NewsPiper 3.8.5: RSS feeds and Web news reader/aggregator and news ticker in one program

NewsPiper 3.8.5

NewsPiper is an RSS feed reader, news aggregator, web grabber and news ticker in one. It allows you to monitor your favorite news sites (,, etc.), RSS feeds or blogs, retrieve necessary news and display it in the usual three panes newsreader interface (channels, news titles, news details) or scroll it in a special bar (NewsBar) placed at the top of your screen.

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Online News Screensaver 1.50: Get the news, weather and quotes delivered right to your computer screen.

Online News Screensaver 1.50

Online News Screensaver is a unique and informative screensaver tool that delivers the latest news, weather forecast and stock quotes right to the screen of your computer. If you have a direct Internet access, the screensaver will keep bringing you the news reports continuously. And since Online News Screensaver is fully customizable, you decide what kind of information you want to receive - Top News, Entertainment, Technology, Sport, etc.

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News About Health 1.0: The latest scientifically researched news about health toolbar for IE

News About Health 1.0

The latest scientifically researched news about health toolbar for IE. Latest news diabetes news, cancer news, weight loss news, MS news, fitness news, nutrition news Alzheimer`s disease news and much more

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Twins WebNews 1.0: Twins WebNews is a news reader that allows you to read RSS and ATOM webfeeds.

Twins WebNews 1.0

News is a news reader that allows you to read RSS and ATOM webfeeds. RSS and ATOM webfeeds contain the content of a website, and are provided free-of-charge by thousands of websites around the world. Twins WebNews helps you find these webfeeds, add them, and read their content the same way as you do when reading e-mail... Twins WebNews is not just a regular newsreader! Twins WebNews completely changes the way you read news on the web. Visiting multiple

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OsMonitor Monitoring Software  9.984: OsMonitor is powerful employee monitoring software available for company in Lan.

OsMonitor Monitoring Software 9.984

OsMonitor monitoring software was designed for LAN monitoring and employee monitoring. You can find every detail about your employees` PC and Internet usage on server. It also block ICQ, Disable USB, disable games and only allow specified applications running. Include ICQ monitor, MSN Monitor, Email Monitoring, web site Monitoring, Screen Capturing, Applications monitoring, Blocking games, Block Download and Install.

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News Rover 10

News Rover is a Usenet news reader that features a built-in search service for finding files in any Usenet newsgroup. Just enter keywords and News Rover will find matching files in any newsgroup. News Rover is the ideal tool for downloading MP3 music files, JPG pictures or full-length movies. News Rover includes a built-in RAR/PAR processor for handing RAR file posts. News Rover also has a JPG picture gallery and file encryption.

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Stock Spy - RSS Stock News Charts 1.37: Serious investor news tool - Visualize how stock news affects stock prices.

Stock Spy - RSS Stock News Charts 1.37

news and stock price. Stock Spy`s unique NewsChart system simplifies stock research. NewsVolume charts allow important company events to literally, "pop up". You see at a glance how news buzz of a stock has changed over time. You can select a time range with your mouse directly on the chart and narrow your focus to the selected news. Stock news headlines are automatically displayed for your selection and the full story is always one click away. Stock

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FastTrack News 2.01: Fast usenet client and RSS feed reader

FastTrack News 2.01

news and blog browser. Once subscribed to a feed, the software is able to check for new content at user-determined intervals and retrieve the update. You can easily organize rss and nntp news channels in a fully customizable tree structure and browse actual news articles using built-in or external webbrowser. FastTrack News uses a web feed to retrieve syndicated news given in XML-based formats (Atom, RSS, etc.), rapidly downloads news articles from

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News Watch 1.0: Get only the news that you need.

News Watch 1.0

Got a web page to look after? Set its URL address, set expected search phrases and News Watch will monitor the web page for you at regular intervals and notify you when there`s a match. Organize web pages in categories. Never miss a thing on the web.

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News Ticker Application Bar 1.15: View the latest news headlines scrolling across your desktop.

News Ticker Application Bar 1.15

This is simple news ticker that resides at the top or the bottom of your screen and displays news headlines from Yahoo or MSN in a form of a scrolling line. News Ticker Application Bar features custom colors, scrolling speed, news categories and position on the screen. It constantly updates news feeds and allows you to select news categories of your choice. One click at the headline and a full article is opened in the browser.

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